Structural Integrity

The monolithic form of the panel in conjunction with concrete enables a structure built with it to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and high winds. As per the Shaking Table Test report the structure is very resistant to earthquakes.

A monolithic building is extremely resistant to complex strains and thrusts due to the force emitted by cyclones.

Fast Implementation

The simple design process, efficient production, easy handling on construction site and fast erection of the building unit reduces timelines of projects of all sizes by up to 60%. The industrialized process allows efficient planning and an accelerated construction time.

The rationalised concept allows precise planning and prevents unnecessary delays. A very fast construction process completes the efficiency of the concept.

Construction Simplicity

The VijayShil consolidates the masonry, insulation, plastering and utilities addition steps thus reducing the construction complexity. The need for specialised labour is heavily reduced.

Welded 3D panels are lightweight (4 - 5 kg per m² depending on the type of panels), therefore there is no need for heavy machinery on site. The light weight also makes the construction process safer to work with then other heavy prefabricated systems resulting in fewer jobsite injuries.

Cost Efficient

Direct cost savings due to reduced labour and reduced materials including added reinforcement. Save up to 10-15% from the conventional way of construction. Our building system is a cost efficient building method for all parties involved in the building process.

Building readymade welded panels shortens the building time, allowing a faster delivery and quicker usage of the building resulting in lower pre-financing costs for the developer and for the owner of the project.

Flexible Design with Quality

As a standardized factory product, the welded panel brings uniformly high quality to a construction project of any size. This building system is suitable for all kinds of projects, whether it’s a house or a village, apartments, offices or industrial buildings, high or low-rise buildings.

This concept provides a construction method with virtually unlimited possibilities. The welded panels can be used for the construction of load bearing vertical elements, partitions, parapet walls, floors and roofs. Different geometrical or curved shapes can easily be obtained in the module surface as well as in the pre-located window and door openings.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

Energy efficient building has become a priority in the building industry. Thermal protection in buildings directly influences the use of energy for heating and cooling, as well as the ability to control the room climate. Good insulation makes an enormous difference in cold and in hot climates. You can have saving up to 30% electricity consumption through its supreme thermal efficiency.

The building technology guarantees efficient acoustic insulation. Building with this technique results in a continuous monolithic structure which forms an effective sound barrier.


The vital factor in construction is the durability of the structure and maintainability in long run. The superior smart design of the welded panels provides maximum strength during concrete placement. Once complete, structures attain a high structural integrity. Tests and experience have shown that the strength of a structure is far greater than a comparable traditional structure. Insulated thermocol improves the concrete cure quality. If correctly placed concrete and polystyrene will not rot or decay, making building structure virtually maintenance free for many years to come.

According to the independent test report performed by IIT Chennai, the Load baring capacity of the standard welded panel after applying concrete is approx 150 kN/m which is 3 times stronger than the required strength.

Eco Friendly

Now a day everyone are concern about reducing their carbon foot prints. Thinking Green is becoming more and more important in the construction industry as contractors, developers and home builders look for materials that are eco-friendly. There is reduction in CO2 emission by up to 40% during construction of the building. The welded panels are easy to handle, to transport and to assemble.

This building technology is addressing these environmental concerns on several levels. The production process is non-polluting. Recycled materials can be used for the infill panels and using concrete walls instead of wood products helps to cut down on the worldwide problem of deforestation. Using this building technology significantly reduces jobsite waste. The building constructed will be energy efficient and will have a minimal impact on the environment.